Queenie’s is the place for amazing daiquiris, incredible food, live music and great times!

Enjoy lunch or dinner at our convenient Bywater location or take it to go. While you’re waiting for your meal, sip on a delicious daiquiri and find out what makes ours so special. And since it’s New Orleans, you can get your drinks to go, too! While you’re here, don’t forget to pick up one of our mouthwatering homemade pies.

Daily Daiquiri & Drink Specials

Tuesday: Free Shots on all daiquiris
Wednesday: Buy one large daiquiri, get a small one free
Thursday: $5 Long Islands and Rum Punches
Friday: $7 Large House Special
Saturday: Free Shot in all Large Daiquiris
Sunday: $22 Gallon Daiquiri

Tuesday Taco Night

Get three tacos and a daiquiri for $20 every Tuesday.

Book Queenie’s for Your Special Event

Avoid the hassle of setting up and cleaning up after your party. Have your special event at Queenie’s and we’ll take care of everything for you. Call or Text.

at 504-372-9368 to discuss the details.


Queenie’s is your neighborhood daiquiri bar and grill. We’re the place for amazing daiquiris, incredible food, live music and great times!

We serve lunch and dinner every day, and weekend brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s all fresh, all the time.

Our ice-cold daiquiris are always good, always strong. We offer our own rotating custom recipes and the classic flavors, all guaranteed to please.

Our homemade pies are made of the finest ingredients and served fresh in single and standard sizes.  We’re happy to fill large orders for your special event, too.

Located in the historic and funky Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, we welcome locals and visitors alike to come in and pass a good time.

Queenie’s is also available to host your private event. Call us at 504-558-4085 to discuss the details.


Daiquiris and Drinks

Rainbow daiquiri

Once you try our daiquiris and other cocktails, we’re sure you’ll be back for more.


Our daiquiris go easy on the syrup and sweeteners and heavy on the flavor because ours are made with fruit juice and other fresh ingredients. We serve traditional flavors as well as our own inventions that you won’t find anywhere else. We don’t skimp on the booze, either!

At Queenie’s, making each daiquiri is like creating a work of art. We layer color, add candy and complete it with other toppings to please your eyes as well as your taste buds.

Post your photos of our daiquiris with hashtag #daiquiriart to share them with the world!

Specialty Cocktails

The cocktail was invented in New Orleans, and we’ve created a few of our own specialties.

Spiked and Spiced: hibiscus sun tea with spiced vodka and infused fruit
Spiked Lemonade: homemade lemonade with your choice of vodka or rum
Fruit Sangria: white wine with vodka infused-watermelon, lemons and limes over ice

Daily Daiquiri & Drink Specials

Stop by every day for a different drink special!
Tuesday: Free Shots on all daiquiris
Wednesday: Buy one large daiquiri, get a small one free
Thursday: $5 Long Islands and Rum Punches
Friday: $7 Large House Special
Saturday: Free Shot in all Large Daiquiris
Sunday: $22 Gallon Daiquiri


Queen of Tarts Logo

Queenie’s is the home of the Queen of Tarts, serving homemade whole and mini-pies and cakes in a variety of flavors. Our pies and cakes are served fresh and made of the finest ingredients.  We’re happy to fill large orders for your special event, too.

Visit us on Instagram at @queenoftarts and make your mouth water. Tag us at #queenoftartsnola.


Whole Pies and Cakes $25 to $30
Mini-Pies $20 per dozen

Catering prices per event. Call us at 504-558-4085 to discuss your needs.

Have a special pie or cake flavor you don’t see? Just ask and we can probably make it.

Sweet Potato Tartlets
12 individual sweet potato pies or one whole pie (your choice) with a graham cracker crust topped with butter cream frosting
Apple Bacon Pecan Crisp Pie
Apples cooked with bacon, sweet and salty, topped with a brown sugar pecan crisp topping
Old Fashioned Apple
Some things just stay good.
Berry Berry Pie
Berries all up in this pie. Sweet and tart.
Drunk Uncle’s Eggnog Pie
Eggnog custard rum filling with a sweet butter rum cream on top
Here today, Pecan Tomorrow
Pecan pie, filled with pecan-y goodness!
Lucky Lemon Pie
Lemon custard with a butter cream icing
Pumpkin Pie
Classic pumpkin pie
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Reminds you of growing up. A bundt cake with sweet pineapple rings and maraschino cherries.
Pecan Pie Cake
Everything you love about pecan pie in a cake, the best of both worlds
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
Filled with chocolate chip morsels and dusted with powdered sugar
Lemon Pound Cake
Lemon cake with a zesty lemon glaze